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The Cooking Grimmoire:

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The Cooking Grimoire
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a community completely devoted to food - sharing recipes and ideas, especially cooking for one.

The Cooking Grimmoire


This community arose from the fact that I am moving into my first apartment, away from cafeteria food, and a house where it is actually a competition to get into the kitchen and prepare the meal (a competition I frequently lost). My mum was anxious to make sure that I would not starve all by myself in the wilderness (of my Halifax apartment) and leave an emaciated corpse for my roommate to find, so she had plans to test me over the summer to make certain I had some basic kitchen skills.

Also, I am just really excited about cooking. The novelty might wear off after I have to do it regularly and consistently, but I hope not because I am very much excited about it. I love food, and I love experimenting so the thought came that I should start collecting some recipes and things. From there, a friend who is moving off to start work said we should really start a community to share our latest experiments and lo, here it is!


I love to cook, but have never really had much opportunity to do so. Most of the things that I have attempted in the kitchen thus far have turned out successfully with the exception of my German Chocolate Cake (that liquefied upon being removed from the oven, despite strict adherence to the recipe) and my first attempt at bread (where the bread refused to rise, though I strongly suspect that this was the result of quick-rise yeast being combined with extreme summer-sun exposure, and the heat of the water we placed it over).

Since I am moving to an apartment and for the first time ever, am going to be cooking for myself (three times a day), I am trying to come-up with a lot of great recipes, and also improve my skills. I’m on my own, so I’m trying to find a balance between interesting and delicious meals that do not make a tremendous amount of servings, and also finding good ways to use leftovers (mostly I am excited about cheese opportunites). I also want to come-up with some larger recipes for when I cook for my friends, so there should be a variety of recipes that I am collecting. I’ve started my own cookbook to tweak and collect the best recipes, and I intend to share what I can here.


This community is all about food and the preparation thereof. Anything cooking or kitchen-related is pretty much accepted here. Contributions of recipes and such are more than welcome so long as you tag the entries appropriately and also, attempt to follow the layout, which goes a bit like this:
1. List the name of the recipe (you can make it up). And then place an LJ-cut to keep things neat.
2. List any and all ingredients needed
3. List the steps, in clear and easy order, for preparation.
4. Wherever it is possible, list the serving number (i.e. serves 4), the cooking and/or cooling time.
5. If you can add a picture of the completed dish, that’s a bonus!
6. In addition to the necessities, include a basic critique of the recipe, what you might change, what worked, what might be substituted etc.
If you try a recipe from here, it would be great to leave a comment and let us know how it worked for you, or if you made an alteration that went well (or didn’t). Also, please feel free to friend the community, because it would be great to see it grow.