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tea_diva in chefs_grimmoire

The First Post:

Hello and welcome to The Cooking Grimmoire!

This is just an initial post to give a sense of what the community will become, and also to lay down the law, as it were, as to how it will function. As the title of this community might imply, we are all about food here, the purchasing, preparing and ingesting of. In general, posts can involve a recipe, some tips pertaining to the kitchen or preparing a meal, tips for grocery shopping, etc. If it's about the kitchen, or about cooking, or about food, we're good.

Posting is restricted to members, but we welcome everyone to become members, so no worries. As I've said before, the content of posts is pretty wide-spread, so long as it has to do with the purchasing, preparing or eating of food, or about some handy appliance you found somewhere to get. This entire community is founded by people who are trying to find their feet in the kitchen, so if you are knowledgeable, we'd appreciate the help, and if you aren't then we can learn together! Please use lj-cuts liberally, and if you are posting a recipe, please follows the rules (that can be found here under "rules" or on the site's info page).

For convenience and ease, I have tried to provide a wide-range of orderly tags based on ways someone might want to use the community. With that in mind I've broken things down into recipes for a specific item (i.e. cooking with chicken), or for a specific meal (lunch, dessert - I know dessert isn't exactly a meal, but it might be that some friends are coming only for dessert, right?), or you might want only tips, or only one person's recipes etc. If there are some tags you would like to see, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will add them, as it is, these are the things I can anticipate being needed but it may change. If you contribute a recipe, then I will add you to the tag's list, so someone can go directly to your recipe, if you don't want to be tagged, then just let me know, but otherwise for convenience, I will do this.

I hope to make this a regular thing, perhaps monthly or so, but a theme will be picked and recipes will be added that comply with it. The theme can be anything from "cheese" to "Mexican food" or something, or maybe, "all things fried". I hope that everyone will make at least one contribution to the theme, but afterwords the tag will be there, and if a recipe is contributed it can be added there as well, so if you're in the mood for a specific thing in your cooking, you can track it there as well. A theme will be chosen through a poll, where some options will be provided and people can vote on what they want to see/try for the next month (or whenever).

I don't think the site needs general rules, but I'll say a few things just to make certain everything is clear. This is a site for cooking, anything outside of that does not belong here. Nastiness will not be tolerated as we are all trying things out here and some of us might be miserable in the kitchen and others might be 5-star chefs, so no poo-pooing effort. Moderators reserve the right to boot you out if you prove consistently inappropriate or do not follow the spirit of the community.

1. List the name of the recipe (you can make it up) and a brief description, and then place an LJ-cut to keep things neat.
2. List any and all ingredients needed (including measurements)
3. List the steps, in clear and easy order, for preparation. If there are different steps (such as sauce, and vegetables) that need to be prepared separately (with in-depth instructions) before all being added, please post those as separate recipes and then provide links in the main recipe. (i.e. if you are preparing a salad, the salad and the dressing would be two separate recipes).
4. Wherever it is possible, list the serving number (i.e. serves 4), the cooking and/or cooling time.
5. If you can add a picture of the completed dish, that’s a bonus!
6. In addition to the necessities, include a basic critique of the recipe, what you might change, what worked, what might be substituted etc.